A Husky Thing is all about Husky Dogs & FUN Songs this is the WooFDriver’s Call. The WooFDriver is one of the most impassioned & knowledgable Husky Dog EXPERTS you could ever know. He is the SOURCE when it comes to Huskies. Put WooFDriver in any search engine like Google and you’ll get a quick query of a plethora of His Husky Dog Websites, Music, Videos, Illustrations, amognst other treasures. He has built this (AHuskyThing) website to share with everybody a bunch of songs he has written for Huskies, About Huskies, and what he does with Huskies! This library  he has been building from years of  being blessed to share the LOVING lives of many of Huskies. Some of these tunes are parodies and tributes to some of his favorite artists and groups, as some, I’m sure you’ll recognize, while others are original melodies. BUT these are all original lyrics written by the WooFDriver. The music has been produced and performed by world class musicians not naming names but you might just recognize some of the voices…The original songs are for sale as you will see on that page, iTunes avalibilty coming soon. At the very least have a listen and share with a friend. I’m quite certain some of these HITS will make you chuckle and reminisce about some of  your time with a special Husky.

Also WooFDriver has built a NETWORK of ALL DOG related media. From realaxtion and mediatation music actually designed for Dogs which WooFDriver plays to comfort his Dogs to ALL DOG Comedy and even the audio from Paranormal events he has ventured to with his Dogs! WOW!! I think you might be getting the picture that WooFDriver is the REAL DEAL!! CLICK HERE for ALL Dog Radio

WooFDriver is a very active Husky Dog Adventurer and the pioneer of the DogPowered Go-Cart. CLICK HERE For The DogPowered Go-Cart Fleet

You can see in the GIF (video)  below that WooFDriver has even had concerts on one some of his DogPowered Go-Carts as a musician plays music while they MUSH along..also you can see the Husky Guitar (WOOF AXX) with BLUE eyes that light up with the playing of the guitar anothe WooFDriver invention all in the name of Huskies!!! OH YEAH!!

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For More about The WooFDriver CLICK HERE