The WooFHouse is a Concert Seies of Musicians as they play in the DogPowered Go-Cart as the Huskies MUSH it along the trails! WooFDriver got this ideas as he is constantly in pursuit to find as many of ways to be with his Huskies and his love of music made this a natural option for him to pioneer. He knew the Huskies would LOVE it becuase anytime they can engage their insatable appetite to run they are happy. Above is a playlist of just a few of the WooFHouse Tours and songs he has done. I know you are wondering but almost all of WooFDriver’s DogPowered Go-Carts are pedal and motor assist and the Dogs NEVER have to pull if they don’t want to thats the genius of this design. WooFdriver has made it possible for them to just run or evn walk witht he DogPowewred Go-Carts if they choose. This means as his Huskies age they can still get out and keep thier bodies moving to help with aging ailments.

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